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Tuesday, 03 March 2020 12:18

WWG meeting 2nd Mar 2020

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Minutes from the meeting which took place at Bawdeswell Village Hall on the 2nd Mar 2020

The minutes are available download below.


Sunday, 09 February 2020 10:28

WCP Pollution Group meeting 5th Feb 2020

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Notes from the Wensum Partnership Pollution Group Meeting 5th Feb 2020



Helen Mandley WLMA

Ed Bramham-Jones NRT

Kelvin Allen BASG/WWG 

Cass Singleton BASG/WWG

Zak Battams NRT

Joss More NE

Lizzie Emmett UWFCG

A Pollution Working Group meeting of the River Wensum Sub-catchment Partnership was held at Pensthorpe Natural Park on 5 February 2020. The meeting considered objectives and outcomes from the 13th December 2019 Meeting at Bawdeswell Village Hall further as there had not been sufficient time at that meeting.

The Following aspects were identified for further action:

  • Pollution Monitoring. There was a need for gap analysis of current pollution monitoring activities to understand what in formation was gathered by whom better to inform future actions.
  • Information sharing. There was a need to establish a sub-catchment partnership information sharing process to cover:
  • Monitoring
  • Information Gathering.
  • Performance analysis.
  • Reporting mechanisms.
  • Testing and sampling methodologies.
  • Communication, publicity and awareness.
  • To demonstrate this, members of the Wensum Working Group have been out reviewing the red flagged locations from the previous 2010 APEM point source survey, during the recent wet spell. They have complied a report on some 24 locations with graphic images showing clear silt ingress. A map showing these and the full report is available on the following links.

On online map         Jan 2020 Survey Full Report

  • Wider Farming Community Engagement. The meeting considered that the engagement with the Upper Wensum Farming Cluster was a good illustrator of the benefits to the sub-catchment of such an arrangement. It was felt that in time there was a need to aspire for engagement with the whole farming community along the River Wensum and tributaries. This would be reflected in our future aims and objectives.
  • To achieve in this aim, River Wensum Farming Advisors would need to provide their views on what the Sub-catchment Partnership Project Officer’s role would be.
  • The potential to link into current and future agriculture payment schemes was seen as key into moving poorly performing land out of production and creating environmental benefit. Subsequent discussions on a potential test and trails of the new ELMS scheme are being explored by Andrew Alston.
  • Water Intervention Strategy. The impact of farming practices and processes that could generate sediment risk was discussed. It was felt that the in light of the many risk activities and the high variability of their occurrence made it difficult to plan specific mitigation. It was felt that providing an aide memoire for high risk water intervention mitigation strategies for the use across the whole sub-catchment would be of great value.
  • Urban Pollution. Urban pollution was discussed at length. The meeting identified that there was a need to mobilize a citizen science initiative to create engagement with this problem across all local communities. Such an initiative would address the following:
  • Risk identification.
  • Community information and awareness.
  • Hazard and warning reporting.
  • Monitoring processes.
  • Introduction of River Warden scheme.
  • Governance
  • Case study to inform community engagement strategy.

An updated Wensum Catchment Partnership Activity Plan Draft Version 4 is attached on the following link.here



Tuesday, 21 January 2020 08:14

WCP meeting 13th Dec 2019

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Notes and actions from the Wensum Partnership Meeting 13th Dec 2019  Bawdeswell Village Hall

In attendance: Tim Ellis, Colin Howlett, David Harper, Ezra Lucas, Dennis Willis, John Flowerdew, Lizzie Emmett, Tim Venues, Rob Holland, Chris Turnbull, Rory Sanderson, Jez Wood, Julia Standsfield

Apologies Cass Singleton, Neil Punchard, Jonah Tosney, Chris Alston, Joss Moore, Lisa Turner

This was the first meeting following the stakeholder workshop on the 8th Oct. 

Each of the syndicate groups followed up with a list of objectives and outcomes for the 3 retrospective groups.

These being Ecology, Pollution and Morphology.

Figure 1 shows the group’s structure.

Kelvin explained that he has agreed with NCC to hold a workshop on finance and scoping potential for grant sources with Andy Thorpe Economic Development and Strategy Manager NCC.  Lizzie, Rory, Rob agreed to take part in this and Kelvin will scope a workshop in January via a Doodle Poll.

There is also a need to scope how we monitor and measure progress, not just in terms of deliverables but more importantly measure actual improvements to the river ecology. With the seemingly loss of funding supporting the Wensum DTC, we need to explore with the UEA what could they still offer in terms of guidance on this issue.

Since the workshop, discussion has continued on the potential to have an Officer in post to support and deliver the groups ambitions. Discussions are ongoing with this and a business case is to be presented to the Broads Catchment Partnership group in early Jan to fund this position  

The rest of the meeting was spent going through the recommendations from the workshop, which had been transferred into a working task list, with a set of short, medium and long term outcomes. These outcomes have been associated with the recently drafted Wensum DWP plan produced for DEFFA, so we have a draft consolidated list of activities.

Whilst the Ecology group led by the Wensum Working Group had met and made some sound progress on many of their actions, including assigning ownership and delivery dates, the other groups agreed to take away the specific tasks and review the words and the detailed specifics. It is important that we have an agreed draft to present at the BCP group meeting in early Jan, as this is the basis of any business case in terms of what we intend a Support Officer to deliver against.

Action: Lizzie agreed to review these assigned to UWFCG by 5th Jan.

Action: Rory agreed to review these assigned to the Morphology group by 5th Jan

Action: Kelvin to discuss with Neil and Jonah which tasks would be specifically owned by the project Officer.

We agreed that bringing the wider community on board would be a really prudent move and as such John Flowerdew offered to act as a co-ordination point for all Parish Councils across the Wensum Valley. We would scope the use of river wardens and local people taking an active role in reducing rural pollution. Kelvin suggested this could be a prime target of some form of NCC LIFT Community grant, to provide the skills and knowledge to deliver the necessary outcomes and that it should be modelled on schemes running elsewhere in the region.

Action: Kelvin to arrange financial workshop with NCC

Action: John Flowerdew to scope definition of engagement with Parish Councils

The group agreed to have their own distribution list of members, adhering to GDPR principles. The formation of this would be from attendee list from the 8th Oct and others that agree to become members via invitation.

Action: Kelvin to configure a membership and distribution list, all data will reside in the secure BASG CIC Wensum google dropbox.

In terms of the group’s governance, the formation of sub catchment partnerships is an agenda item on the next Broads Catchment Partnership meeting.  



Wensum Catchment Partnership Activity Plan Draft 3 Attached to download below


Wednesday, 04 December 2019 09:22

WWG meeting 2nd Dec 2019

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Minutes from the meeting which took place at Bawdeswell Village Hall on the 2nd Dec 2019

The minutes are available download below.


Monday, 15 July 2019 09:35

WWG meeting 9th July 2019

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Minutes from the meeting which took place at Great Witchingham Village Hall on the 9th July 2019

The minutes are available download below.


Wednesday, 10 April 2019 15:22

WWG meeting 9th April 2019

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Minutes from the meeting which took place at Great Witchingham Village Hall on the 9th April 2019

The minutes are available download below.





Thursday, 10 January 2019 12:30

WWG meeting 8th Jan 2019

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Minutes from the meeting which took place at Great Witchingham Village Hall on the 8th Jan 2019

he minutes are available download below.


Matters Arising

Action Jez Wood to distribute the existing EA report on point source siltation.

Action Colin to liaise with Cass on a suitable site visit.

Action Kelvin to write to NRT and inform them of the position with Sonde deployments.

BASG Update                                                    Kelvin

Donations                                                           Kelvin

EA Update                                                          Jez

Roach Project                                                    Tim

Siltation and Lyng Silt Trap                            Colin

Cormorant Predation                                     Roger/Kelvin

Sayers Meadow proposals                           All

Balsham Bash                                                    Kelvin

Norwich Western Link consultation         Kelvin

Norwich City Corridor Strategy                   Kelvin












Friday, 19 October 2018 16:02

WWG meeting 9th Oct 2018

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Minutes from the meeting which took place at Great Witchingham Village Hall on the 9th Oct 2018

The minutes are available download below.


Matters Arising

Action: Kelvin agreed to discuss with Phil Humm a role on exploring funding for the Wensum.

Action: Kelvin to write to the EA (Jez) to get Dennis a position on the Norfolk Crayfish Group.

Action: Kelvin to write to Richard Cooper for his support and input.

Action: Jez Wood to investigate timing and location advice from the EA.

Action: Kelvin to provide current EA sampling location waypoints.

Norwich City Corridor Strategy

Lenwade RDF Planning Application and Objection

EA Update

Roach Project

Way forward on Sonde Deployment


Cormorant Predation

John Bailey


Future Meeting Dates to be held Great Witchingham Village Hall.

8th Jan 2019

9th Apr 2019

9th Jul 2019










Wednesday, 25 July 2018 08:10

WWG meeting 23rd July 2018

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Minutes from the meeting which took place at Taverham Mills Fishery 23rd July 2018

The minutes are available download below.


BASG has agreed to hold all of its sub group committee meetings before the end of July.

I have set up a doodle poll for the first Wensum Working Group under the governance of BASG here.

These initial meetings have a common set of agenda items on governance, plus some focus on developing Wensum projects.

BASG Standard Sub Committee Agenda July 2018

Standing Committees

Sustain Group

  • Access Group

  • Environmental Group

  • Education Group

  • Wensum Group

  • Bure Group

  • Yare Group

  • Waveney Group



All committees have the right to explore anything, indeed we need to encourage thoughts and ideas. However all items which require cash spend, will require formal approval from the management board and appropriate funding source agreed.

Wensum Working Group

BASG Director                   Kelvin Allen

BASG Members                Tim Ellis, Colin Howlett & Nick Cheeseman

Appointment of Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary

All meetings need to be recorded and documented actions agreed with timescales and owners.

Volunteer roles

We have started to capture and assign roles and duties across our volunteers, Allan Kirby will take on the role as Volunteer/Membership Manager. We would like each Sub Committee to lead on the appointment of people into specific roles within their committee boundaries.

So we will have leads for example on Health and Safety, Boat Safety, Climate Change, Tagging, Salinity Monitoring, Slipways etc etc.

Agency position of supporting Avon style Roach Project               

Deployment of two Sondes to record various elements                

Silt Trap potential                                                                                      

Norwich City Corridor Angling Strategy                                                 

Lenwade RDF Application Update                                                          

Wensum Flow and linkage to Yare Salinity                                           


Wednesday, 25 April 2018 11:01

WWG meeting 10th April 2018

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Minutes from the meeting which took place at Taverham Mills Fishery 10th April 2018

The minutes are available download below.



Your Fishery Outcomes and Final Report                               Ursula / Tom

Your Fishery Finances                                                                Rory / Ursula

Lessons learnt                                                                             Kelvin

Governance proposal for the way forward                            Kelvin

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)                         Kelvin

Statutory Position Update from EA                                        Jez

Abstraction and Flow update                                                  Rory / Kelvin

Lenwade RDF Update (If time allows)                                   Kelvin

Tackling the Cormorant Issue (If time allows)                     All