Minutes of Consultative Meeting held on 11th Jan 2020

Present    John Newman, Jonatan Mears, Chris Reeds, David Hawley, Kelvin Allen,  Ray Torrington, Ray Richardson, Jake Reeds, Hugh Bunker, Brian Balderson, Viktor Tzikas, Seumas Halliday, James Hooker, Martin Barnatt, Chris French

Apologies Andy Beal, John Wadham, Mick Dimmock Paul Douglas

Matters arising from the previous meeting

Action Winter water retention level management concerns escalated to Area Manager and RFCC chair. David is seeking better engagement within the RFCC community on this issue. Indeed given the current issues with Soil Moisture Deficit it seems hard not to make a case for having lower levels. Still ongoing

Action Dave Beecroft to laisse with VBS engagement on Cormorant Surveys. This has highlighted the lack of co-ordination across voluntary bailiffs and is currently being addressed.  Closed

EA Area Fisheries News

James Hooker informed the meeting, that following months of discussion all fisheries staff will come under a single line manager to improve outcomes and productivity of fisheries across Northants and Lincs. This will be a trial for 3 months and James will take the lead role.

Regional/National AT update.

Kelvin presented the following:

Broads Hoveton Great Broad debate continues with NE this week

Ongoing debate with EA on pollution poor enforcement actions with Water Companies

River Wensum formation of a new Catchment Partnership Group

51th annual Eastern Region Shield held on Bargate Drain 13th Sep

Fishery Improvement Fund 2020

Coarse, trout and eel habitat and passage:

Angling access and facilities: platforms, pegs and pathways for rivers and stillwaters.

Ensuring the needs of less able bodied anglers are considered.

Especially developing community and urban fisheries.

Increasing fisheries resilience to prolonged period of dry weather.

Register your project via  https://grants.anglingtrust.net/

Angling Improvement Fund 2020 to focus on Predation Measures only


AT Nenescape 2020 Program

20 Lets Fish Coaching events Northampton – Wellingbrough – Peterborough

4 Polish School events

Dusan Kovacik from Northampton leading on this

8 clubs engaged – renewed focus on Whittlesea, March, Ramsey area

  • Nene Anglers
  • Wellingborough AC
  • Northampton Nene AC
  • Peterborough DAC
  • Whittlesea AC
  • Chatteris Working Mens AC
  • Ramsey Angling Club
  • March And District AA
  • Deeping St James AC
  • Higham Ferrers Riverside Park AC

Dave Beecroft from Cambridge

Renewed focus on engagement with Clubs and Eastern European Anglers

Renewed engagement and co-ordination with VBS

Cormorant Issues

John Newman, highlighted the continuing poor engagement on this survey and count initiative. Kelvin undertook more analysis on the national general licence consultation and has found that the volumes recorded by the BTO Webs surveys are actually higher than the sites we have currently surveyed by quite some number.

Action: Kelvin to discuss with Jonathan Means the details behind this and report back to Jake Davoile.

2017- 19 EA Fenland Fisheries Surveys – Jake Reeds

Jake went through a detailed excellent presentation of both the techniques and outputs from last year’s surveys. The level of detail and information now available is most impressive.  The detailed surveys will be published in the next few weeks, from this forum.

EA Update and Enforcement Report.

Hugh Bunker provided an update on the work of the FBG team that can be viewed here.

Nene Catchment Report

Viktor reported that the wet conditions had impacted on their Nene restoration works. He was in discussions with Peterborough City Council about the restoration of the Electric Cut and funding.

Welland Catchment Report

Chirs reported that the WRT again was being limited by weather conditions and flooding.

A feasibility on restoration of the Welland Washes and the Burley Estates continues.

The group is seeking funding for a Lottery Connecting Community award.

Stillwater Reports

Seumas reported on the fishing across the various waters with some success and the continued use of the reservoirs for predator fishing.

Club Updates

Boston, Brian spoke about a 9% increase in club membership following the successful steps on weed management on their drains.

Deeping St James, Ray spoke about weather conditions impeding access and following discussions at the last forum they had implemented a number of improvements on their website, including multi language support, online payments and information on real-time river levels.  Ray has documented the technical info here.

Kelvin asked if Ray would like to present this at the next regional forum.

Action KA to further discuss the presentation of 21st Century techniques with Ray.  

P&DAA, John reported that continued discussions across Peterborough City reaches and meetings with the City Council on the management of activities and general anti-social behaviour continues. They welcomed the 1200 barbel restocking program from the EA.

1400m of fencing is now complete at Stebbington.

The tern islands have finally been removed from Ferry Meadows, but the match program for 2020 is realty suffering due to continued poor catch returns.

Northampton Nene, although not present Mick Dimmock had spoken to Kelvin from his hospital bed the previous day. Mick felt he was over the worst now and looked forward to getting back on the bank. Members expressed their best wishes for Mick hopeful that his health enables him to return to full fitness for next year.

Mid Northants Fly Fishers, Seumas reported the sad passing of their Secretary has impacted their club structures and they were slowing recovering the situation.

The dates of our next meetings are:

28th Mar 2020

27th Jun 2020

17th Oct 2020

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