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Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire – Fisheries Monitoring Programme





The name of the organisation shall be the Angling Trust (hereinafter referred to as AT) East of England Regional Forum (hereinafter referred to as "the Forum").


The Objects of the Forum shall be:-

2.1 To promote and protect the interests of fisheries, angling and individual anglers within the East of England Region.

2.2 To provide an opportunity for AT members, clubs and representatives of local stakeholder groups to meet and debate issues of common interest.

2.3 To provide the main communication link for members to and from the AT Freshwater Committee and thereafter, the AT Board

2.4 To provide and maintain effective communication and representation with the East of England Region of the Environment Agency and any other appropriate body.

2.5 To aim to achieve adequate representation for angling and fisheries on all appropriate bodies.


3.1 Membership of the Forum shall be open to all AT members, AT member clubs, angling stakeholder groups and local fishery owners who are AT members and whose waters are within the boundaries of the East of England Region, currently defined as Essex, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Suffolk and Hertfordshire.

3.2 All such members, club stakeholder groups and fishery owners must register with the Forum in order to be eligible to attend its meetings.

3.3 Representatives of other angling or fisheries organisations and any other appropriate organisations may be invited to join the Forum as agreed by the members of the Forum, but shall not be eligible to vote unless they are also members of the Angling Trust.

3.4 To facilitate the smooth running of the forum and to ensure representation across the region, an annually elected executive committee will be formed from the following angling and fishery groups. This to include the 6 Catchments consultative groups, S&TA branch, ADB Development Officer, Angling Trade Association and former members of the Angling forum. To be entitled to vote, they or the body they represent need to be members of the Angling Trust.


4.1 The forum shall meet at least quarterly at a time and venue as determined by the members.

4.2 The meeting following the end of the financial year shall be the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for which 28 days notice will be given.

4.3 Each member organisation may be represented by up to two representatives but shall have one vote only.

4.4 All members present who have registered with the Forum shall have one vote only. Members who represent more than one organisation shall also have one vote only.

4.5 Only active individual members of Angling Trust, and representatives of organisations with an active membership, will be eligible to vote. 4.5 In the event that any vote taken by members is tied, the Chairman shall have a second and casting vote.

4.6 Representation of not less than 10 persons (Ten) of the registered membership of the Forum shall constitute a quorum.

4.7 An Extra-ordinary General Meeting may be called at the request of at least one third of the full registered membership and in which case the Secretary shall give at least twenty-eight days notice in writing to all members. Such notice shall specify the time, date, venue and the reason for calling the meeting.

4.8 Extra-ordinary General Meetings may be called by a minimum of three officers as required, in which case the Secretary shall give at least twenty-eight days notice in writing to all members.

4.9 Only business on the agenda circulated with notice of the Extraordinary General Meeting may be discussed at the meeting.


5.1 The following officers may be elected at the Annual General Meeting:-


Vice Chairman Hon

Secretary Hon

Treasurer Hon.

Examiners Regional Officer for Disabled Angling

Regional Development Officer

And any other officers which the Forum deems necessary.

5.1.1 Representative(s) to represent the Forum on the AT National Freshwater Committee and Nominees to the AT Board can be elected at the East of England region’s Annual General Meeting.

5.1.2 Nominations for all such Officer and representative positions must be lodged, by recorded delivery, in writing, with the Hon Secretary AT LEAST 14 days prior to the day of the AGM.

5.2 All Officers shall retire annually but shall be eligible for re-election.

5.3. The Forum may co-opt without voting rights any person/s considered appropriate. Such an appointment must be ratified at the following AGM if the incumbent is to continue in office.

5.4 Officers shall have the full authority between meetings to pursue the objects of the Forum in accordance with its Constitution.

5.5 The assets of the Forum shall be vested in the Officers as Trustees for the members. Neither any officer or member shall at any time incur nor permit to be incurred any liability which exceeds the total assets of the association at that time. Assets, for the purpose of this Rule are defined as being the balance standing to the credit of the Forum’s bank account plus the cash in hand less the known payment liabilities. Officers and Trustees shall be liable only to the extent of the assets vested in them in trust for the benefit of the association and not further or otherwise.


6.1 The financial year shall end on 31st December (or same as AT) and the accounts made up to and including that date and duly independently examined.

6.2 Membership subscriptions, if any, may be agreed at the Annual General Meeting and shall be paid within three months of that meeting.

6.3 Any financial grant received from the Environment Agency shall be used solely in pursuance of the objects of the Forum and its bona fide local stakeholder member organisations. The funds of the Forum shall be kept in a bank or building society account solely used for that purpose. Signatories to those accounts shall be the Hon. Treasurer and any one of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman or Secretary..

6.4 The Hon. Treasurer shall, at the Annual General Meeting, present to the members a Balance Sheet and Statement of Accounts, duly audited by the examiners.

6.5 The Forum shall authorise the Hon. Treasurer to pay any reasonable out of pocket expenses to any person who is deputed to act on its behalf.


7.1 No alteration to this Constitution may be made except at an Annual General or Extra-ordinary General Meeting. Any such proposed alteration must be notified to the Hon. Secretary in time for all members to be advised of such proposed change at least twenty-eight days prior to the relevant AGM or EGM.


The Forum may appoint such sub-committees as may be deemed necessary for the furtherance of its Objects.


The Forum may affiliate to any other appropriate organisation as agreed by the members

See the latest from around the region above.

We are here to promote and protect the interests of fisheries and angling and to provide an opportunity for all anglers and angling groups to share their issues of common interest. Be it Coarse, Predator or Game angling within the Eastern Region.

We also want to maintain effective communications with the Regional Environment Agency and other bodies to build partnerships and improve delivery and benefits to anglers. We want to develop further tangible improvements to demonstrate the benefits of a single governing body representing anglers and thereby encourage increased membership of the Trust.
Forum Contributors

The notes and presentations from the forum held in Oundle on the 18th Feb are below.

forum logo

Presentations from

Dilip Sarkar MBE

James Roche

Kelvin Allen

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beauchamp arms 300This year we have booked the match length on the river Yare around the Beauchamp Arms.

Please place Sunday 20th Sept 2015 in your match diary and I look forward to hearing from you by the 6th Sep. The entrty form is now availble to download here. I currently have 16 teams registered (7th Sep) that's 96 anglers,

Anglers wishing to practise or enter the Yare opens can book via the via site or by calling Andy Sutter on 07990572729

For more information on the venue and it's 120 permanent pegs please take a look at

The pegging and access for the competition is laid out below. The tidal conditions on the 20th are for a 1.78m high tide at 17:00, so you will be fishing the flood on a relatively small neap tide requiring 1-1/2 - 2oz feeders.  

ers map 2015 v2



Obviously being a situated in a small village the White Horse has limited parking, please do not park on sharp bend the Loddon side of the pub, this causes an obstruction to larger vehicles trying to negotiate the corner and also reduces visibility to vehicles and pedestrians

Please do not park on the Triangle area on the junction opposite the pub, this is reserved for residents only.



  1. Please try to get as many cars inside the pub car park as possible by parking sensibly.

  2. If the car park is full you can park in a fishtail fashion on the ramp in the retail area opposite the pub.

  3. Make use of the car park adjacent to the Marina about 150 yards into Loddon opposite the Premier Store, this has free parking for the first two hours but you must obtain a ticket from the machine.

  4. If none of the above three options are available then park on the pub side of Norwich Road towards the A146 making sure that you don’t obstruct the bus stop.

  5. There is no need to turn round when going to the bank drive towards the A146 for approximately 300 yards, turn right and follow road to the end and it will bring you back out onto Langley Road where you turn left.

The pub will be serving breakfasts from 07:00

I appreciate that once you have drawn you want to get to the bank as soon as possible, however consideration to the local community is just as important.

Thanking you in anticipation of your cooperation



Welcome to the River Yare.
Please read these notes in full prior to going to the bank.
  • This is a powerful tidal river and wading or entering the water is not advised.
  • Most pegs now have platforms, please enter and exit the platforms from the  rear edge, there may be hidden holes either side.
  • There are open excavations and dykes in some areas, do not drive or park within one metre of the edge of these excavations.
  • At high tide some platforms will be partly submerged.
  • Some areas for parking can get muddy be careful do not drive past “NO VEHICLES PAST THIS POINT” signs
  • Please park sensibly, do not block access points to fields etc.


Andy Wilson Sutter & Kelvin Allen



All Pegs To get to the bank from the White Horse turn right out of the car park then turn immediately left towards Langley, follow the road for about 2.2 miles until you come to a war memorial in the middle of the road, turn left at the war memorial.

Pegs 19-60 after the war memorial continue for about 1.1 miles until you come to the Beauchamp Arms access road on the right, (sign posted Eastern Region pegs 19-60) drive to the bottom of the track, just before the main gate to the Beauchamp Arms turn right into a field (signed Eastern Region Parking) park sensibly, walk back through the entrance, through the Beauchamp Arms car park onto the left bank. Peg 60 is the first peg immediately through the gate

Pegs 61-92 after the war memorial continue for about 0.7 miles until you come to a sharp left handed bend, turn right onto the track (sign posted “EASTERN REGION PEGS 61-116”) Take great care when turning right on the blind bend. Drive down to the bottom of the track Please keep to the speed limit of 10 mph. and park in the car park at the bottom, overflow parking is through the gate to the left and right of the car park, walk up the ramp and pegs 61-82 are through the gate to the left and pegs 83 – 92 are through the gate to the right


Pegs 93 - 116. after the war memorial continue for about 0.7 miles until you come to a sharp left handed bend, turn right onto the track (sign posted “EASTERN REGION PEGS 61-116”) Take great care when turning right on the blind bend. Drive nearly to the bottom of the track Please keep to the speed limit of 10 mph. just before the main car park turn right through the gate and drive along the edge of the field through the next gate, then turn immediately left over the bridge and park in the car park behind the flood bank, walk up the ramp and pegs 93-99 are to the left of the ramp and pegs 100 – 116 are to the right of the ramp.

Pegs 120 – 149 after the war memorial continue for about 0.3 miles until you come to Monks Loke on the right. (sign posted “EASTERN REGION PEGS 120-149”)Turn right and drive down to the bottom of the track Please keep to the speed limit of 10 mph. drive to the left of the pump house through the gate and park behind the flood bank. Pegs 120 – 134 are to the left of the pump dyke and 136 – 149 are to the right of the pump dyke.





ers 2013 results 4Currently the Region will run the Eastern Regional Shield on an annual basis. This competition which started back in 1969, is well represented across the region and hopefully will continue to grow in strength and remain focussed on the main river venues across the region.

Pictured left are the 2013 winners Sensas Mark One.

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adams mill 1EA fisheries officers have restored a spawning bed on Adams Mill, and reinforced a 40 yard section of bank to stop it collapsing in on another section of gravels. They put in a tree trunk as a ‘deflector’ really kicking up turbulence to oxygenate the gravel bed immediately below.

EA staff were assisted by members from MKAA in what was seen a great partnership project on the Upper Ouse.




Have a nice day

The forum has a key role to play in working at both regional and local level with the Environment Agency, providing consultation and partnership on fisheries and angling. 

As can be seen from the diagram left, the forum supports 4 strongly supported consultatives around the region. All are locally focussed and have great support from the local F&B officers from the Environment Agency Work continues in establishing a consultative structure and representation across the region 



EA areas 2014The forum which is one of the eight across England and was brought about in 2011 to provide focus at Regional level within the Angling Trust. It also has a key role to play in working at both regional and local level with the Environment Agency, providing consultation and partnership on fisheries and angling.  The forum ran at regional level upto the summer of 2014, when the agency annouced that the regional management tier was being removed in thier round of restructiring.

Re-aligned to EA Area level into 2 areas, Lincs & Northants - The merger of Beds & Cambs & Essex, Suffolk & Norfolk into the now East Anglia Area

Since the onset of the COVID pandemic the forum has now evolved into a virtual solution run nationally by the Angling Trust and the EA.

For more direct information see





EA area 5 2014

 ea area East Anglia 2016



The forum supports 4 consultatives around the region.

All are locally focussed and have great support from the local F&B officers from the Environment Agency.


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