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Fisheries survey report of the River Great Ouse:


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Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire – Fisheries Monitoring Programme


 ea anglia westCambridgeshire and Bedfordshire – Fisheries Monitoring Programme

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Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire – Fisheries Monitoring Programme

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The 2011 fisheries survey report for the Counter Drain caused considerable concern amongst the local angling community; it reported a large decline in fish density which led to the perception that silver fish populations within the channel had collapsed. Although highlighting decreased numbers of fish captured the 2011 report stated that the result should only be viewed as a snapshot in time and may not have represented the true status of fish stocks and further surveys would be required to investigate this poor result. The 2014 survey was scheduled as an additional investigative survey cycle in an attempt to answer the question posed by the prior survey; had silver fish populations collapsed, or were the poor catches a result of fish migration from the areas routinely surveyed?

The 2014 investigation found a total of 14 species and one type of hybrid present with roach heavily dominant by both density and standing crop.


Angling is one of the most popular sports in England. The varying forms of angling provide a choice of entry into the sport and people of all ages and abilities, men and women can enjoy the sport together in rural, urban or marine environments. The sport of angling brings social and economic benefits to the country and opportunities for healthy activity for individuals whatever their personal abilities. It appeals to young people but participation can continue throughout peoples’ lives.

The Angling Trust supported by funding from the EA will work with Clubs, Fisheries, qualified and AT licenced coaches, angling organisations, education and health providers, Local Authorities and Charities to support events/programmes that increase participation in freshwater angling and increase sales in rod licences, from all demographics. They also work to secure additional funding to increase participation in freshwater angling.

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To learn more about the two key participation programs, click on the links below.

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Angling is unique as a sport in its ability to reach such a diverse range of people. Older people, those with disabilities, and young people with learning difficulties are able to engage with angling and gain a positive experience that they may not be able to achieve in other sports. Youngsters disillusioned with modern life have been helped via angling to re-engage with society, and in many cases this has led to behavioural improvements in their local school and better life chances for them in the future.

Where angling is prevalent along canals and other waterways the instances of crime and anti-social behaviour have been reduced. Angling has also been used directly to aid in the rehabilitation and recovery of patients suffering from the effects of strokes, heart attacks and breast cancer. By introducing people to the outdoor environment angling has often provided them with a new and enriching experience which has increased their understanding and appreciation of the natural world.

The EA folks from Brampton completed the first gravel jetting operation on the River Ivel at Biggleswade Common (200m downstream of Meccano Bridge) on 18th April. With excellent results. There were large quantities of sand and fine stones in the riffle but the gravels underneath were very good, mainly 10 to 30mm stone and a least 150mm deep.

ivel jetting 2012This work follows on from the project investigating Barbel tracking and spawning success on the upper Ouse.

Some excellent material has come to light on the UOFCA & EA sponsored Barbel Phd project.

15,000 small barbel from Calverton fish farm have been introduced into the Ouse above St Ives over 3 years – 70% of them in the past 12 months, whilst a continued program of spawning improvement work between clubs and the EA continues. Work also continues on the creation of refuge areas and restoration of backwaters.

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The Nene Welland and Witham forum was held on the 11th July 2015 in Nene House, Pytchley Lodge RoadKettering NN15 6JQ 10:00 - 13:00

The minutes and actions attached below. 

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6th July 2015 Littleport Leisure Centre 19:30

The minutes and actions will appear here.





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