Minutes of Consultative Meeting held on 6th July 2019

Present    John Wadham, Viktor Tzikas, , Howard Neal, Seumas Halliday, David Hawley, Mick Dimmock, , Kelvin Allen, Hugh Bunker,  Ray Torrington, Ivor Stokes and Paul Douglas

Apologies Ray Richardson, Chris Reeds, Brian Balderson and John Newman

David welcomed Paul Douglas from the Nene Angling Club to the meeting

Matters arising from the previous meeting

Action Hugh arranged the site visit to the National Fish labs at Brampton on the 27th June.  Several people attended and thought it was an excellent evening demonstrating what rod licence income is spent on.

Action Winter water retention level management concerns escalated to Area Manager and RFCC chair. David is seeking better engagement within the RFCC community on this issue. Indeed given the current issues with Soil Moisture Deficit it seems hard not to make a case for having lower levels. Still ongoing

Election of Officers

It was proposed by Mick Dimmock that all 4 officers be reappointed on block for the coming year. This was agreed by members. David pointed out that he had completed 5 years as chair and is looking at possibly moving away in the future, but was happy to undertake a further year. Kelvin felt the group therefore should consider a successor for David and discuss this at a future meeting.

Chairman        David Hawley

Vice Chair       Ray Richardson

Secretary         Kelvin Allen

Treasurer        Ray Torrington


Regional/National AT update.

Kelvin presented the following:

National Angling Strategy


Wensum Past Present and Future

Eastern Region Shield Competition

Presentation available here



Szymon Skoczen post has been filled by Dusan Kovacik from Northampton

Andy Beal has resigned and his post and is currently advertised

Lets Fish Nenescape now ran 9 events – great success

VBS continues with some great engagement from Volunteers – 235 patrols

With 16 reports made to EA-Police this quarter

NVF 21-22nd Sep Stanwick Lakes

What should be our Nene scape focus next year? Ideas and Feedback to Kelvin please.


Cormorant Issues

David went through the minutes from the Cormorant seminar held on the 22nd May by P&DAA. Minutes available here.

The key outcome was an agreement to run a series of cormorant count days across the Nene Valley, however it’s not clear on who or how this is going to be managed and led.

David to clarify the resultant actions.

Action David Hawley to write to John Newman on the ownership on the proposed process.

Action David Hawley to write to Jake Davoile on the location of known roosting points.

EA Update and Enforcement Report.

Huge Bunker provided an update on the work of the FBG team that can be viewed here. He also gave a short presentation of the recent change of policy surrounding the rules for farming in and around water, as agreed at the last meeting, which is available here.

Nene Catchment Report

Vikor gave an overview of RNRP restoration activities, including the deployment of fencing at Elsworth.

Stillwater Reports

Both John and Seumas reported on the impact of the summer weather and resultant impact on trout.  Seumas reported that Ravensthorpe was reporting an average of 4 fish per return with many large fish caught. Pitsford was reporting slightly better with an average of 5 fish per return.  Seumas highlighted the approach from AWS on the promoting summer predator angling on their reservoirs, many thought that in temperatures over 21degrees this should follow the current guidelines and science and restrict this practice. Action Kelvin to provide John and Seumas with the scientific papers on this subject to discuss with AWS.

See attached paper from Prof. Ian G. Cowx here

John’s detailed report on Rutland activities is available  here.

Club Updates

Mid Northants Fly Fishers, Seumas reported that this years Kelmarch show was a huge success and the coaching days at Pitsford were receiving good attendances.

Rutland Fly Fishers is covered in John’s detailed report

Deeping St James, Ray reported that they had successfully moved their membership onto an all online solution. Their lake complex which had otter fencing installed last year has suffered from yet more otter predation with 5 otters in residence following some storm damage to the fence line. These beasts have now being removed, not an easy task it seems. The club had received a FIG grant from the EA for the purchase of pumps and meters to assist with monitoring and managing summer conditions. He reported that whilst the Nene was fishing well, the Welland was weeded over and unfishable.

Northampton Nene, Paul and Mick reported that their membership was holding firm, with Mick taking more of a back seat whilst he receives medical treatment.

Forward Look


The dates of our next meeting is 19th Oct.

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