Minutes of Consultative Meeting held on 27th June 2020

Present    Chris Reeds, David Hawley, Kelvin Allen, Hugh Bunker, Brian Balderson, Viktor Tzikas, Seumas Halliday, John Wadham & Neil Stafford

Apologies John Newman, Chris French, Ray Torrington & Ray Richardson

David gave thoughts and praise to the work of Mick Dimmock who sadly passed away in March. He was recognised by AT for his efforts and positive attitude and is a sad loss for angling in the Nene Valley.

Matters arising from the previous meeting

Action: Kelvin to discuss with Jonathan Means the details behind this and report back to Jake Davoile.

This was completed on the following day. Item Closed.

Action KA to further discuss the presentation of 21st Century techniques with Ray.

Ray presented an excellent presentation at the AT regional forum held in Grantham from back in March. Item Closed.

Regional/National AT update.

Kelvin presented the following:

Broads Hoveton Great Broad debate continues with the EA and NE

Ongoing debate with EA on pollution poor enforcement actions with Water Companies

Fenland Pike Initiative – under investigation by AT

Relaunched BASG website https://basg.online

51th annual Eastern Region Shield held on Bargate Drain 13th Sep Postponed last week

Rod Licence sales now 120% above last year.

Additional FIP scheme now proposed due to this additional income

Register your project via  https://grants.anglingtrust.net/

Consultation with CMA on AWS & OFFWAT determination on AMP7

Consultation with AWS on long term STW investment planning via DWMP

Resultant Phosphate loading from AWS assets raised with River Trusts


AT Nenescape 2020 Program

Significant Impact from COVID, all events cancelled from March 16th

Working area extended to cover Welland and Deepings IDB

Engagement with IDB on potential opening of some drains to fishing

Clubs engaged recently – renewed focus on Whittlesea, March, Ramsey area

Renewed focus on engagement with Romanian communities in Peterborough and Northampton

Polish School events The following video has been produced showing the activities undertaken at the Peterborough Polish School Visit undertaken in Feb. https://youtu.be/_1g_MsulM5A This video was created in house by Janusz following him benefitting from some post production coaching from Screen Northants a Nenescape Partner.

Cormorant Issues

As discussed at the last meeting P&DAA feel there has been less cormorant activity on our waters probably due to the following factors:

  • A lower number of birds roosting at Overton Lake in Ferry Meadows. Some limited habitat adjustments have been made by Nene Park.  Max of approx. 30+ birds vs 50+ in the previous winter.
  • The flooding over the autumn and winter have made the river and lakes very turbid and the suspicion is the birds will have looked for clearer water to hunt in e.g. gravel pits.
  • It has also been previously noted that actual counting activity was at a low level and that Kelvin suggested there may in fact be further, more comprehensive data available from the other sources (? British Trust for Ornithology).
  • We do have an additional predator present in the river locally in the form of a seal. In past years seals have made visits from the sea but generally they return in early spring but this year this one has remained.  Possibly due to the lock leading to the tidal river being closed.  We have contacted RSPCA and Seal Rescue but unless the animal is injured or in obvious distress then they are unable to act.  Jake Devoile is currently aware and investigating what options there may be.  The Association has taken the step of cancelling our round of the Riverfest as the seal activity has obviously moved the fish from the venue.
  • While discussing the above with Jake Devoile he informed me he now has access to a thermal imaging device which makes it possible to quickly assess numbers of birds in a roost and has offered to visit the Nene Valley roosting sites at an appropriate time

EA Update and Enforcement Report.

Hugh Bunker provided an update on the work of the FBG team that can be viewed here.

The group welcomed the much awaited additional of warrants for Jake Reeds and Hugh Bunker and pending for Darren Randall, but the National Stance of the Agency of COVID working practices still means no offence reporting can be undertaken currently.

Nene Catchment Report

Viktor reported that COVID-19 has curtained much of the deliveries this spring. He has reached agreement for the works to carry forward.

Welland Catchment Report

Chis provided an extensive report on the group’s activities. See attached

Stillwater Reports

John provided a full report on the status of Rutland and Grafham water. See attached

Seumas reported on the fishing across the various waters with some success and the continued use of the reservoirs for predator fishing.

Club Updates

Boston AA, Brian spoke about increase in anglers on the bank since the restrictions were lifted. Good bream catches have been reported on both the Bargate and Witham. The club has recently taken on a further length of the Witham at the “Chicken Run”.

P&DAA, Like most organisations we have had to adapt to the pandemic control measures and once angling was re-opened introduced an online system of temporary membership up to June 15th.  From then on, all memberships and day tickets went online through an appointed agent with eTickets issued. As of today, we have as many members as we ended last season on.

All matches have been cancelled on Ferry Meadows and the use of keepnets banned as a fish welfare measure which has proved very successful and well accepted by pleasure anglers.  Catches have greatly improved and it would be interesting to know if this is because the fish enjoyed a break or are more catchable having not been kept in nets.  The bream appear to have spawned early in the warm spell.

Northampton Nene, Neil reported that they have sadly missed out on hosting the Div 1 championships on the Grand Union this year due to COVID-19. However some CRT competitions will continue. The club is struggling with the loss of Mick Dimmock, but some changes have been agreed to move forward. The club struggles currently with large groups of roving eastern European anglers on the Canal and the intimidation this causes with bailiffs.

Both Hugh and Kelvin to follow this up with some support. Actions Kelvin and Hugh to follow through with support.

Mid Northants Fly Fishers, Seumas reported that all competitions and coaching has been impacted by COVID-19.

AOB, all thought the zoom experience worked well and it could a solution for further meetings.

The dates of our next meetings are:

17th Oct 2020

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