Minutes of Consultative Meeting held on 10th Apr 2021

Present    David Hawley, Kelvin Allen, Hugh Bunker, Seumas Halliday, John Wadham, Andrew Pattison, Martin Barnett, Chris Reeds, Brain Balderson, Neil Stafford

Apologies Ray Torrington, Ray Richardson, Chris French, Howard Neal

Matters arising from the previous meeting

Illegal activities on the Grand Union around Northampton. Still is still ongoing with Paul Thomas set arrange a joint patrol once covid restrictions allow.

David has sent a letter of thanks to the guys at Calverton for their work supporting our fisheries.

Regional/National AT update.

Kelvin presented the following:


Broads Hoveton Great Broad legal action with the EA and NE

A permit consultation closed on the 6th April.

BASG & AT responded and re-engaged with Fish Legal


Further meeting with Tony Juniper NE has stated that Carp and Bream will be targeted from all protected habitats across England, with a new policy paper being adopted by NE.

This looks like a battle royal going forward.


Kelvin representing Angling on a new Fenland Reservoir Partnership with AWS


CSO’s some progress on constraining their use with government action

Anglers against Pollution campaign. Closer linkages with River Trust on Environment Delivery and Monitoring via Citizen Science


AT Signed 2 yr extension to the NASS contract with the EA

Strengthened Participation Team to 7 with more rounded delivery into clubs and fisheries

FMA work continues

Additional 2 FTE to work on bio-security measures with Emily Smith

AIF additional grants coming through for 2021 (Mark Wilton Retires)

Regional Enforcement Officers additional day per week

VBS enhanced to 700 volunteers

Nenescape hours on Building Bridges team integrated


Virtual Fisheries Forum | Angling Club Development: Fishmark & the Get Fishing Award

Wednesday 28th April 2021 Start time: 7:00pm



Eastern Regional Shield Competition 12th Sept Bargate Drain Boston.

Kelvin explained a joint project he and John Wadham had secured funding from Essex and Suffolk Water looking at the science and habitats supporting Killer Shrimp in the Trinity Broads in Norfolk.


Free Digital Training via the Nenescape Partnership

Move your club into the 21st Centaury


Digital Archiving DIY                                       Monday 19th April 10:30 am

Tell and Own Your Story                                 Tuesday 20th April 10:30 am

Understanding Websites                                Wednesday 21st April 2:00 pm

Marketing to Make a Difference                    Friday 23rd April 10:30 am

Digital Clinic                                                    Monday 26th April or 27th April


These courses are offered free to clubs across the Nene Valley. To register look at:


Coaching to continue in 2021 and 2022 program agreed with CRT.


We have launched an evaluation survey and supporting video looking at the objectives and achievements of the program. The video is available to view here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k42nIIvU2QQ

It was agreed that all members of the consultative should take part in the survey to provide feedback on this significant 4 year project .  The survey link is https://forms.gle/UmzzdtKbKvSxnAuW8


Kelvin has copies of a flyer advertising this as below and will be distributing these to the coaches and clubs  in the coming weeks.


Future Meeting Format/Day/Time etc

David invited attendees to share their thoughts on options for future meetings. The majority of people opting for one annual face to face meeting and three virtual zoom meetings. The face to face being held on a Saturday in Nene House (Covid permitting) and the zoom meetings held on a Wednesday evening starting from 19:00 with an open catch-up and the formal meeting starting at 19:30 – 21:30.

EA Update

Hugh Bunker provided a verbal update on the work of the FBG team. Sadly Hugh is still awaiting back surgery and is on light duties. He reported that enforcement seemed relatively quite across the area, with sound progress on more staff obtaining warrants, leading to now 5.5 warranted officers across the Area. A remarkable near 400% increase in available FEO’s across Northants and Lincs.

The area has successfully delivered some £30,000 FIP grants to local clubs and fisheries in the past 12 months, despite covid restrictions.

Jake Reeds has completed his survey work on the lower Nene and will be releasing a video shortly. Jake is also working on a Pike spawning survey and resultant video, plus some stllwater surveys are planned for local clubs.

A further 17,000 fish have been placed on order from Calverton for the coming year and stocking program.

Welland Catchment Report

Chis sent in a very full 21-page report on the work of the WRT.

This is available from here.


Club Updates


After lockdown one, the club saw an unprecidented rise in membership of around 45%. This put footfall at some fisheries up by 80 – 100%. Anglers were waiting for swims to be vacated, with our 55 peg commercial fishery accommodating up to 90 anglers /day. This lead to water quality issues, which we got through with a liitle luck and my bailiffs running our aeration pumps flat out for over a week. When ambient air temperatures fell we were very relieved.

Being restricted to the internet and telephone I spent a lot of time investigating the use of renewable energy for water oxygenation. The outcome was an application to the EA for a grant for help with installing a solar powered oxygenation and monitoring system on our commercial fishery. (Hugh was involved and can update you)

We have maintained our level of membership, particularly juniors and our coaching team, working with CRT, have provided probably the highest number of coaching sessions during the year.

Work parties are spending a lot of time improving road and swim access in most of our fisheries.  We have completed installing over 30 platforms on the most popular stretch of the river at Ringstead, and contractors improved vehicular to all the platformed pegs and further round Barkers lake. We intend to improve access to all pegs on Barkers lake in the coming months.

I better stop there, as you will need to fit a lot into your meeting.

Best wishes Howard


Deeping St James

Thanks to Jake Reeds for supplying  recent Welland fish survey videos,  Bream video has had 8200 views  and Roach video 5200 views on our You Tube Channel.

Again many thanks to Jake Reeds for Horseshoe Lake depth and fish survey. although a little late in the year for definitive fish data due to lake flooding, lots of useful depth information.

Hopefully getting the raw sonar files from Jake for further analysis by the club to look at lake bottom and snag areas. More floating islands completed and installed at Horseshoe Lake, proving a very good habitat improvement.

Horseshoe lake saw unprecedented flooding  for 2 months over xmas and new year, work parties underway to clean up and prepare for new season. Project underway to move electric fence and security camera electrics to secure watertight container with self-maintaining solar powered system.

Tale end of the rivers season saw lots of anglers on the banks of the Nene and Welland with some good catches and good size pike caught at Crowland.

Our water keeper and bailiff phone app proving very useful for reporting and promoting fish catches  on Facebook. See example – https://www.facebook.com/deepingstjamesac/posts/3002274593350805  – Water keeper & Bailiff catch reports are posted on Facebook 10 minutes after the report is filed.

(Think Ray Torrington mentioned this at the last meeting more info as background  – here – https://www.deepingstjamesanglingclub.co.uk/day-tickets/water-keeper-checks/ )

Fish Refuge currently getting attention to repair roadways after flooding, and large tree has been removed. Project underway to dredge inlet and outlet channel again as they are silted up.

Membership renewals underway and  very healthy renewal rates with a waiting list for Horseshoe Lake. Over 95% members now paying on-line, and we have seen very good increase in on-line day ticket purchases, probably due to Covid issues around handling cash.

Think this covers most of it.  Regards Ray


John Newman sent in the following report here.

Hugh agreed to look into the tree clearance issue highlighted by John within his report.

Action Hugh Bunker


Bryan reported membership growth of 11%, with some sound fishing across the drains. His club bailiff team remains a  strong presence on their waters and in general they don’t now have a problem with poaching. But feels that the poachers have moved to free waters of the IDB’s. The club has benefitted from strong support from the EA and weed management has been good for the past season.

Northampton Nene

Neil highlighted that the club has received a compulsory purchase order for their riparian rights on the Nene Brampton Arm for road development. They have engaged with Fish Legal on this matter. The club now looks in a sound position going forward, despite Neil standing down as secretary shortly and the sad loss of two committee members in the past year.


Stillwater Reports

John provided a compressive written update for the meeting here.


Seumas gave a report on Pitsford and Ravensthorpe

Pitsford and Ravensthorpe.

All Anglian Water trout fisheries opened on April 1st (about a month later than normal).

Pitsford’s rod average for the first four days of the season was 12.55. Fish were found to be already feeding heavily on buzzers in the top 6 feet of the water. 10,000 trout have been stocked so far. Various methods are accounting for fish, from floating lines and small black or olive buzzers to intermediates and sinkers with favourites such as the Pitsford Pea catching.

Ravensthorpe: In the same period, the rod average was even more impressive, 17.5. The stocking programme at Ravensthorpe started in January and the fish are silver and well mended. Many of the fish being caught are 3lb plus with some much larger specimens showing. We had a social day there on Tuesday and most boats were well into double figures on buzzers and Pitsford Pea.

Mid Northants Trout Fishers Association https://mntfa.co.uk/

The club arranged has a full schedule of weekend matches at Midlands fisheries and an extra one at Elinor. The first three will be catch and release, because of COVID restrictions.

We also have popular social days on Tuesdays most weeks at various venues including some new ones.

Once COVID restrictions have been lifted we hope to coordinate visits to fisheries further afield.

Member numbers are healthy.

Monthly sessions at  Pitsford Lodge re-start on 24 April through to 9 October, offering outdoor coaching such as casting and tackle advice, until indoor activities are possible. This programme, with COVID measures, has been supported by an award from the Angling Improvement Fund.

Booking is online through https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/138596751615

Seumas Halliday 9th April 2021


All thought the zoom experience worked well and it could a solution for further meetings.

The date of our next meeting:

30th June 2021 19:00 for 19:30 via zoom

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