Lower Ouse & Fenland Fisheries Consultative Association

Meeting on Monday 8 January 2018          Heron House Ely at 7.45 pm.

Established 2004                                                                                         Angling Trust membership number 631

The meeting at Heron House was appraised of the evacuation procedure by Chris Middleton EA Those attending:

R Hiom, Colin Dodd (Treasurer), Chris Middleton (EA), Kelvin Allen (AT).

Norman Knightley, Alan Leonard (Histon AC), Peter Mottram, Neil Everard (SWAC), Alan Nelson (W AC), Richard West (LAPS), Tony Brooks (EBAC), John Pope (Junior Events),


Paul Thomas, Paul Frost, Mark Leach and Peter Scragg stepping down from Minutes Sec.

Matters Arising:

  • The new membership of JKL Tackle was confirmed with Colin Dodd and their cheque for £30 handed over from RH.
  • Insurance details were available for Mark Easey but will be held over for his next
  • Various papers from the FM course were left on the table for
  • Issue 40 of the Contact list has been completed and should be at everybody’s email

Tony Brooks of Ely Beet announced that his club will not be taking up the Clay pit lease. This decision was made after a 2 hour inspection.

A proposition was made by Colin Dodd, seconded Alan Leonard, that an annual fee should be implemented at the AGM in April.


Ms Victoria Wilkinson (Pollution Prevention Manager) of Anglian Water gave a presentation on the works and projects of the company in its pumping stations and pipework; in principle from “home to river”. She covered details of the new Pollution Watch campaign developed after an incident in Northampton two and a half years ago. Principally, the issue was one of communication because a report by a dog walker was not actioned in a timely manner and the subsequent action failed to stem a large fish kill.

Victoria went on to cover the geography of the company from the Humber to the M25 and coastal Suffolk to west of Northampton. Their call centre is in Lincoln and cross reports with the EA if necessary.

Angling Trust East Anglian representative

Kelvin Allen opened with comment on neo-nectoloids, an item found in the water table that is not level monitored by the EA. The Waveney has the worst situation of the substance because of the high level of sugar beet and rapeseed production. This is becoming a national problem.

The Angling Improvement fund have started another round and £400K is on offer.

Nenescape has moved on with £128K awarded for a Heritage Grant. This will fund a round of educational sessions in schools, multi lingual signs for approx 20 clubs and a sum towards the Voluntary Bailiff resource (VBS). Andy Beale, ex-EA, will be going round Nenescape to monitor the situation.

Finally the EA habitat change permit cost has been raised as an issue as the cost has risen from £50

to £764. This matter is ongoing.

Ouse Washes – the proposed meeting for 27 January is likely to be cancelled.

The Broads Angling Strategy Group will now be known as the Broads Angling Service Group, in effect the Broad’s Consultative. Also on the subject of Consultatives, the Kettering Consultative has grown by three clubs.

Environment Agency Representative

Chris Middleton opened by handing out a survey report followed by Enforcement stats. during the period April 2017 till the end of year 2277 checks were made and 77 offences identified. Chris’s information is that trips out with bailiffs can be arranged.

Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) requires input urgently so club reps are advised to plan ahead and get in touch with Chris. Further detail will be circulated.

29th Jan and 5th Feb will be days for fish cropping and transfer.

Items 7 to 9 conjoined for convenience as General Discussion

Costs of “marketing” LOFFCA were discussed as the promotion of the consultative will cost and the discussion of an annual fee per club is still on the cards for the AGM. Funds raised internally could go towards assets of some kind was also mentioned.

Tuesday 20 Feb is the CamEO Valley Forum at the Maltings in Ely run by Anglian Water. There will be syndicate exercises.

The subject of overloaded sewage treatment works was raised by Colin Dodd with information on the R. Welland from Kelvin Allen.

There being nothing further the meeting was closed at 10.00pm.

Next meeting 9th April 2018 at 7pm for 7.15 start

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