Lower Ouse & Fenland Fisheries Consultative Association

 Meeting on Monday 8th April 2019 Heron House Ely at 7.15 pm.

 Established 2004                                                                                         Angling Trust membership number 631

 1.1 The meeting was informed of the evacuation procedure.

1.2) Apologies of absence: .

Paul Frost (Littleport AC), Alan Nelson (WAC), AoB was listed for later.

Those attending:

R Hiom, Colin Dodd (Treasurer), Chris Middleton (EA), Mark Leach (UAC), Terry Easey (CAAS) Alan Leonard, Norman Knightley, (Histon AC), Peter Mottram, Neil Everard (SWAC),Tony Brooks (EBAC), Andrew Stockton (MAC), Kelvin Allen (AT), Richard West (LAPS), John Pope (CFP Coaching).

  • Previous minutes and actions:

The previous minutes were accepted as a good record with one typo correction. The master copy has been corrected.

  • Matters Arising
  • Speaker – not arranged for this
  • AGM 2019

The annual accounts were discussed. Balance at bank is £193.93. RH was proposed as Chairman by KA, Seconded Alan Leonard CD ”           ”         ” Treasurer by RH, Seconded Peter Mottram Both were voted in unanimously for a further twelve month.

An additional request was made by RH for someone to take up the notes of the meeting and production and distribution of the minutes. John Pope was proposed by Norman Knightley, Seconded Peter Mottram and with RH abstaining the vote was unanimous.

  • Constitutional update

Proposition 1; that an annual fee of £10 is made to all members. Proposed RH, Seconded N Knightly.

The new member one off payment of £30 is to be deleted. The membership will be asked, following this meeting, to pay an annual fee of £10 and the decision time is AGM until 1st July 2019. After that time all clubs and individuals who have not paid the annual fee will be deemed to be resigning from LOFFCA.

Proposition accepted unanimously.

The £10 fee will be reviewed at each AGM and the decision to charge for the ensuing year will be taken annually as, after discussion, it was considered unnecessary to have any more than management funds in the Loffca account.

Furthemore, the constitution 6c shall have delete 31 December, insert 31 March to change the Loffca financial year.

Proposition accepted unanimously.

Proposition 2: the westward boundary of the LOFFCA area is moved westerly to the A1 road. Proposed KA, Seconded RH.

There will be ongoing works to mailshot new clubs and promote membership of Loffca in clubs who did not join last time.

Proposition accepted unanimously.

  • AT East Anglian Forum – Kelvin Allen
    • The Polish contact in the AT has changed to Janusz His predecessor having returned to Poland.
    • The AT contract with the EA has been confirmed for a further four
    • The “Let’s Fish” campaign in Nenescape, some 20 events, will take place between April and September with venues in Wellingborough, Oundle and Peterborough. With free entry the winner will fish the Junior National on 16 Sept 2019.
    • There is to be a concentrated effort on Cormorant predation in Peterborough and
  • EA Representative – Chris Middleton

Chris’s notes are prepared as a pdf and circulated with the minutes.

  • Water Resources

Nothing to report at this meeting

  • Local Issues

There are issues on the Old Bedford but they are still being actively monitored.

Phosphate issues are ongoing and a practical study has issues. However there is an STW study.

  • AOB

Stationery: the overall situation is available with John Pope. He is awaiting RH to confirm needs and quantities. RH is also considering a new email address to split his incoming email traffic.

Meeting ended 10pm

Next meeting 1st July 2019

Next AGM 13 April 2020

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