Lower Ouse & Fenland Consultative Association:

Meeting Held Monday 7th October 2019

1.1, The meeting was informed of the evacuation procedure by Chris Middleton (EA)

1.2, Apologies of Absence:

Richard West (LAPS), Tony Brooks (EBAC), Mark Leech (USSC), Alan Leonard (HAC).

Those Attending:

Richard Hiom (Chairman), Colin Dodd (Treasurer), Chris Middleton (EA), Peter Mottram (SWAC), Neil Everard (SWAC), Norman Knightley (HAC), Alan Nelson (WAC), Terry Easy (CAAS), Andrew Stockton (MAC), John Pope (CFPAS), Kelvin Allen (AT).

2, Minutes of previous meeting and Action Points:

New email address as listed on minutes not in use as yet, use Richards old existing one.

Richard had sent an email around to chase up the £10.00 payments as agreed at AGM, most have now paid.

Data Protection Manuel was shown for people to have a look, some bits still to be completed. Privacy Notices were sent round the meeting for each person to sign and then returned to Richard to place in the file.

A couple of miner amendments needed on Minutes, named of attendance which was missed Peter Mottram (SWAC), Graham Carter (SWAC). Word Compliant corrected.

Business cards and letter heads to be looked at early January as JP problems with computer going wrong / Happy if somebody would like to take it on.

3, Matters Arising:

Nothing raised.

4, Speaker:

No speaker.

5, AT East Anglian Forum – Kelvin Allen.

New AT CEO in place a Jamie Cook.

AT Nenescape Project has added 2 new members Dusan Kovacik from Nottingham and Dave Beecroff from Cambridge.

Kelvin has joined the Water Resources East Committee.

Hoverton Great Broad debate continues with Natural England, this has been proved to be illegal.

IT Innovations being piloted on Water Abstraction on the River Lark where Priority Catchment’s manage the water abstractions with EA support.

50th Annual Eastern Regional Shield held on the Middle Level 8th September, team IMAGF won this is now 3 years on the bounce.

VBS Phase 2 for Cambs & Beds has been adopted which has deemed a further extension to 5-year pilot.

6, Chris Middleton EA Fisheries Officer:

Looked at the chart outlining the surveys which have taken place.

Looked at a number of fish caught during the surveys and the various events they have attended with angling clubs.

Chris will send an email out with further information enclosed with links.

7, Water Resources Committee.

Nothing to report.

8, Local Issues:

The Section 10 Works, during November some getting their access back. Some part on the River Delph given back but not the car park.

Sluice Gate closed on the Old Bedford / Welney.

9, A.O.B.

Otters still are still creating a problem but nothing can be done about them at this time.

Beavers being stocked into Scotland.

In February (should receive an email) a IMF Plant Control Event will be held in conjunction with the EA.

10, Next Meeting – 6th January 2020 / 7pm for a 7.15pm start.


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