Lower Ouse & Fenland Fisheries Consultative Association

Meeting on Monday 2nd July 2018 Heron House Ely at 7.15 pm.

Established 2004 Angling Trust membership number 631

The meeting at Heron House was appraised of the evacuation procedure by Chris Middleton EA

Those attending:

Kelvin Allen, Colin Dodd (Treasurer), Chris Middleton (EA), Norman Knightley, Alan Leonard (Histon AC), Peter Mottram, Neil Everard (SWAC), Tony Brooks (EBAC), John Pope (C & J Events), Mark Leach (USSC), Andrew Stockton (MAC), Terry Easey (CAAS), Colin Dodd (Histon), John Culham, Richard West,


Richard Hiom, Alan Nelson, Paul Thomas.

Previous Minutes and Actions & Matters Arising

Under item 3 Saffron Waldron are not applying for a Cormorant Licence.

Following the AGM Richard had drafted a proposed set of constitutional word changes to review at this meeting.

The meeting felt that members Opt Out clause didn’t reflect that agreed at the meeting and as such proposed that all such Opt Out clauses be removed from the wording in Proposal 1.

Proposal 1 to become:

A £10 fee was decided as adequate

Charges would start 2018/2019 twelve month from April 2018.

LOFFCA flyer publication still ongoing with John Pope.

AT management of the Pike Championships has been resolved with Andy Jackson appointed to run future events on behalf of AT.

Speaker and Angling Trust Report

Kelvin reported on a number of National Issues been driven by the Trust.

Priority Catchments                            Link

Agriculture Reform                            Link

Angling Improvement Fund               Link

Drought Management                        Link

Project Dry Presentation                    Link

National Otter Seminar                       Link

Must of this focussed on Abstraction reform and the need to better manage of our water.

Several papers were referred to and are available from the links

Environment Agency Chris Middleton

See separate report here

After much consultation by the EA, Earith sluice was finally opened to allow a managed flow into the Counter Drain to overcome the DO issues, being managed by the EA during recent weeks. This has however been stopped currently due to lack of available water in the Ouse.

Water Resources Committee

It was felt that this would be much better served if it was replaced by a section covering feedback from the proposed Cam and Ely Ouse Priority Catchment delegate. Kelvin agreed to represent the group going forward.

Local Issues

There remains concern with the RSPB WEG grant application of the Ouse Washes to remove tree growth adjacent to the river Delph. Members felt this provided vital habitat for fish and predatory protection. Kelvin agreed to write to Ian Hirst EA for any views the agency may have and potential for science to support this.

After discussion the group felt that it may want to apply for a catchment group bid for FIP funding, as recently undertaken by the Upper Ouse Consultative. This could focus on a number of initiatives, but controlled spraying of weed killer could be one, a crucian pond scheme could be another. All members were asked to take this away for future discussion.

Ouse Washes Section 10 bank works. Members have been notified that again this summer the works area will be closed for public access and as such no fishing allowed.

Date of next meeting 1st Oct 2018

Meeting closed 21:15

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