Lower Ouse & Fenland Fisheries Consultative Association

 Meeting on Monday 1st October 2018 Heron House Ely at 7.15 pm.

 Established 2004                                                                                         Angling Trust membership number 631

 Those attending:

R Hiom, Colin Dodd (Treasurer), Chris Middleton (EA),

Alan Leonard (Histon AC), Peter Mottram, Neil Everard (SWAC),Tony Brooks (EBAC), Mark Leach (USSC), Andrew Stockton (MAC), Kelvin Allen, Richard West (LAPS)

1.2) Apologies: .

Paul Frost, Mark Easey, Alan Nelson, John Pope, Terry Easey, Norman Knightley, Woolf Cooke, Ash Brown.

  • The meeting with the evacuation procedure and a listing of
  • The previous minutes were accepted as a good
  • One matter arising was the acceptance of the latest issue of the LOFFCA Agreed.
  • Richard West speaking on the award to Glen Smithson (LAPS) as River Restoration River Champion 2018.

Richard spoke fully about Glen Smithson’s work spanning ten years of work between Lackford and Barton Mills. The river now approaches the original course it took 100 years ago. Local plants and gravel sourced cheaply and locally managed a lot more work to be done. Junior trout are now more plentiful and crayfish management since 2001 is an example as a standard procedure worldwide now and has been used as such. Trapping at Barton Mills produces less than 300 per period. It used to be 15,000. Much interested discussion followed.

  • Kelvin Allen as AT Regional Chairman reported a reduction in licence sales of 14% and the proposed tracking of fish in the Broads. There has been an uptake of volunteers from an emailing

There will be a Flood Defence two year study on the drainage and replenish of the Washes. National AT: a tender has been issued for the running of the Forums etc. within AT. Lastly the discussion on Pennywort control has raised the issue of LOFFCA moving its boundary to the West towards the A1 road.

  • Chris Middleton’s EA details will be forwarded separately as attached to this minute’s There is a host of info in it. Chris again asked for match results to be sent to him as these are a good indicator of the status of rivers. In particular Paul Frost of Littleport as an indicator of the main centre of the river. RH to mail Paul to ask him to contact Chris direct (9 Oct).

 A day after the meeting Chris sent me details of clubs in the “new” area towards the A1:

St Neots & District Fish preservation & Angling Society Offord & Buckden Angling Society

Brampton Angling Club (think this club might be close to folding due to lack of members) St Ives Angling Society

There may be more when we look around.

  • Under Water Resources and Local Issues Kelvin Allen raised the issue of abstractors and the general abstraction situation. This is going to be escalated to Helen Smith at the next Anglian Fisheries Management meeting.

Colin Dodd that at the Old Bedford DO meetings RSPB want tree cuts. This is complicated by the fact that the water is not a flood defence issue or main water course.

Also, Littleport and KLAA complain of signage damage after EA bank work. Chris Middleton offered to investigate but requires details. RH to mail Paul to ask him to contact Chris direct (9 Oct).

Colin also wants information on problems of phosphates if any one has any. This data is needed for Watercare meetings.

  • AOB: 2019 meetings will be

Mondays                    7 January

8 April………… nb: second Monday for Bury St Edmunds to attend.

1 July

7 October

Mark Leach reported the fact that goosanders are nesting locally to Cambridge. These birds are predatory to fish. Local news in Cambridge is buzzing with sightings!

Meeting closed 9.45pm

Next meeting 7th January 2019

and a very Happy Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year

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