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Grand Union Roach Restoration Appeal

Recent years have seen a decline in roach stocks on the Grand Union Canal between Milton...

Wednesday, 02 September 2015 08:47

Grand Union Roach Restoration Appeal

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Recent years have seen a decline in roach stocks on the Grand Union Canal between Milton Keynes and Braunston. Other canal fish such as gudgeon have also seen a major decline in their population, damaging the native fish biodiversity in the area further. grand union roach appeal

As a result, fewer anglers now visit the fishery and iconic waterway creatures such as otters, kingfishers and herons are also less likely to be spotted as roach are an important food source for them.

We need £5000 to reverse this decline in roach population. £5000 will allow us to increase the spawning success of the roach by introducing specially designed mats on which they can lay their eggs. It will also allow us to use boom boats to remove and relocate the non-native fish species zander to other fisheries, reducing predation pressures on roach stocks. If we don’t take action soon, there is the risk of further spread of zander southwards to the Tring summit and beyond.

If you can, please help kickstart the roach recovery on the Grand Union Canal by donating today.

UOFCA has already donated £1000 towards this scheme, so please help us by making a donation on the CRT link here.



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