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NWWCA Constitution

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NWWAC Constitution Version 3 Final 24th June 2017
1 Name
1.1 The name of the Consultative shall be the Nene Welland and Witham Angling Consultative herein after referred to as “NWWAC”. ;
2 Objectives
The objectives of NWWAC shall be:
2.1. To promote, develop and protect fisheries and angling interests within the Nene, Welland and Witham River Catchments.
3. Membership
3.1. Membership of NWWAC shall be open to all clubs and associations with an interest in angling and fisheries in the Catchments and other organisations with related interests.
3.2. Individual membership, in particular individual members of Angling Trust, is available to interested parties subject to acceptance at an ordinary or annual general meeting.
3.3 In addition the main committee may confer Honorary Membership on any person who in their opinion has rendered distinguished service to the Consultative, and shall have power to co-opt such
other persons or organisations as may be of assistance to the Consultative.
3.4 Initial membership will be created from the existing Nene Welland and Witham Angling Forum.
4. Meetings
4.1. The NWWAC shall meet a minimum of four times per annum at a venue to be determined by the elected committee.
4.2. The meeting following the end of the financial year shall be the Annual General Meeting which is open to all members.
4.3. Representation of not less than six members shall constitute a quorum which should include two officers.
4.4. An extraordinary general meeting may be called at the request of three members. The secretary will give notice in writing to members at least four weeks prior to the meeting specifying the date, time
and place and reason for the calling of the meeting: then rule 7 below applies.
4.5 Voting rights at general and extraordinary meetings shall be limited to one vote per member or member organisation. This will be managed via an annual membership register list. This will be
reviewed at each AGM.
5. Officers
5.1. The following officers and delegates shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting;
Press & Media Officer
AT Regional Forum Representative
5.2. Honorary auditor(s) (inspectors) shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.
5.3. The officers and auditor(s) (inspectors) shall retire annually but shall be eligible for re-election.
5.4. The NWWAC may co-opt without voting rights any individual they see fit, subject to a majority of members present and voting, being in favour.
5.5. Elected officers shall have the full authority between meetings to pursue the objectives of NWWAC in accordance with the constitution and within the mandate of the Consultative’s decision as
recorded previously in the minutes. Any actions must be tabled at the following meeting.
5.6. Officers will be provided with legal protection by NWWAC membership of the Angling Trust.
5.7 Contact details for NWWAC will be via http://aterforum.co.uk
6. Finance
6.1. The financial year shall end on 31st March each year and accounts shall be made up to and including that date and the treasurer shall, at the Annual General Meeting, present to the delegates a
duly audited (inspected) balance sheet and statement of accounts.
6.2. Membership subscriptions shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting and shall be due on April 1st each year. Members will have no voting rights until membership fees are paid in full.
6.3 NWWAC funds shall be deposited in a suitable bank account and used solely for the objectives of NWWAC as set out in 2 above. Bank signatories will be two elected officers of whom may sign cheques.
6.4. NWWAC shall authorise the treasurer to pay any reasonable out of pocket expenses to any person who is authorised to act on behalf of NWWAC, subject to agreed and available budgets.
6.5 Two persons shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting to act as auditors (inspectors), one of whom shall hold no other office within NWWAC.
7. Alteration of Constitution.
No alteration to this constitution may be made except at an Annual General Meeting or extra-ordinary general meeting and provided that the proposed alteration has been notified in writing to members at
least four weeks prior to such a meeting. Amendments to these proposals may be discussed at the said meeting and voted on accordingly.
8. Points of Order
The ruling of the chairman on ‘points of order’ shall be absolute and without appeal.
9. Dissolution
In the event that NWWAC is dissolved for any reason, the balance of funds remaining shall be donated to the Angling Trust Regional Forum to be used for the benefit of fisheries and angling.

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