WFD & Enforcement Progress

The group is working hard to ensure angling has representation across all it’s rivers in terms of Catchements within the Water Framework Directive. With the Welland taking the lead, followed by the Nene and finally the Witham and Ancolme in the North.

The AT Building Bridges team are working with both Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire wildlife crime offices to resolve the large number of offences and poaching in the area. Whilst we continue to support Peterborough and District in their continuing challenge with illegal angling.

This is the consultation response to the Environmental Agency for the Islip Hydro Application. As discussed at the forum 5th April 2014.

The forum felt that the application lacked detail on a number of issues, but welcomed the implementation of fish passes as part of the overall project.

The Archimedes screw turbine does seem to have the least impact in terms of fish mortality, but it was felt that best practice to fish access and protection should be implemented.

There is little environmental impact in terms of fish within the assessment, clearly this needs resolving.

There needs to be provision on the protection of the Silver Eel passage at certain times in their migration cycle.

No reference is made to riparian fishing rights above and below the immediate area.

The actual design of the fish pass is at the extremes in terms of height and run angles.

There is no reference to ongoing monitoring and impact on fish and who pays for this additional assessment.

Overall the forum felt that if these additional points were undertaken then upon balance there was little substantive reason to object.

However it was felt that this could lead to further applications along the river, which would each be judged on their own merits.

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An excellent video from the Lincs Rivers Trust 

Notes Presentations and Actions from Consultative

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