East  Anglia Water Situation Reports 2020

East Anglia Water Situation Reports 2020

Please see the attached montly Water Situation Reports for East Anglia.  See the att...

East Anglia East Area Fisheries News April 2020

East Anglia East Area Fisheries News Apr...

The Agency has issued the following FBG news letter for Essex Norfolk and Suffolk Click t...

NWWCA Forum March 2020

NWWCA Forum March 2020

  The planned meeting for 28th March was cancelled due to the CV-19 restrictions Hugh...

WWG meeting 2nd Mar 2020

WWG meeting 2nd Mar 2020

Minutes from the meeting which took place at Bawdeswell Village Hall on the 2nd Mar 2020...

Lower Cam Survey Report 2019

Lower Cam Survey Report 2019

Please find attached the 2019 Survey report for the Lower River Cam, produced by Jus...

Fenland Drains Survey Report 2019

Fenland Drains Survey Report 2019

Please find attached the 2019 Survey report for the Lincs Drains, produced by Jake R...

WCP Pollution Group meeting 5th Feb 2020

WCP Pollution Group meeting 5th Feb 2020

Notes from the Wensum Partnership Pollution Group Meeting 5th Feb 2020 RIVER WENSUM SUB-C...

River Wensum New Mills Draw Down Factsheet Jan 2020

River Wensum New Mills Draw Down Factshe...

Here’s the newsletter. If you could distribute this to your contact list for those who ma...

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Minutes from the 3rd meeting of the Wensum Working Group, which took place at Taverham Mills Fishery 11th Apr 2017.



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Many thanks for taking the time to complete the survey.

You can download a fresh copy below:

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Many thanks to Terry Lawton for pulling this together on behalf of the Wensum Working Group.

For more information on the group and their aims and objectives take a look at the following WWG pages. http://aterforum.co.uk/index.php/wwg-home


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This year we have split the competition between Ferry Meadows and the Nene at Orton In Peterborough.

Please place Sunday 17th Sept 2017 in your match diary and I look forward to receiving your entry.

The entry form is now available here

More information on the venues and how the match will be split will follow, but within each 6 man team, you will name 3 anglers on each venue prior to the draw as shown on the entry. With 3 sections placed on each venue.


A map and directions will be shown below, once the details are confirmed with PDAA.


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The Agency has issued the following notice and advisory on Floating Penneywort,

See below under download attachments for the full information.

Pennwort 1

Kye Jerrom

Fisheries Technical Specialist: Fisheries, Biodiversity and Geomorphology

East Anglia (Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire Area)

Bromholme Lane



PE28 4NE

07771 542677




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The minutes and reports from the Nene Welland and Witham consultative forum will appear below.

The consultative is pleased to support Brian and his Boston Colleagues with the formal opening of Pilgrim Lake at Wyberton just off the A16. See below.

BDAA Pilgrim 1

BDAA Pilgrim 2





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See the latest montage clip from our Nenescape project.


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Please find attached the 2016 Survey report for the River Great Ouse - Brackley to Newport Pagnell produced by Justin Mould and team Brampton. 

Click the ‘download attachment’ link below to download this report as a PDF

Justin Mould

Fisheries Officer - A&R

East Anglia Area (Cambridgeshire & Bedfordshire and Essex, Norfolk & Suffolk)

Environment Agency, Bromholme Lane, Brampton, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE2 84NE

External Telephone: 02030251870, Internal Telephone: 51870




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UOFCA invites you to an Ouse Barbel Night on Wed 29th March, see below for details and presentations as downloadable attachments.

An interesting if albeit very scientific led evening, with over 100 people in attendance.


ouse barbel event large


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After 12 months of highlighting and lobbying on the poor state of EA area funding across East Anglia and particularly the Broads, I'm pleased to announce that some progress has been made.

From the poor position that the Essex Norfolk and Suffolk area found themselves in 2015/16 of £212k, the budget for 2017/18 is now £383k a 81% increase and across the region this equates to an 42% increase overall.

What this process has identified however is the variance in management practices across areas and how this impacts the actual delivery of any fisheries service to us anglers, be it in cost recovery and skills.

The merger of Essex Norfolk and Suffolk area with Cambs and Beds is a clear demonstration of how structural change can influence fisheries and I look forward to seeing the outcomes from this.

We now have an agreed set of enforcement recovery plans for both Northants and Lincs and East Anglian (East), subject to the outcomes of the long awaited national enforcement review.

I would like to thank the national fisheries team for progressing this complex issue, with strong lobbying from the PAC. But like most things, this has brought winners and losers as overall rod licence income continues to decline. 

Kelvin Allen

AT East of England Forum Chair 





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