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Wednesday, 02 January 2013 10:15

Gravel Jetting on the Ivel

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The EA folks from Brampton completed the first gravel jetting operation on the River Ivel at Biggleswade Common (200m downstream of Meccano Bridge) on 18th April. With excellent results. There were large quantities of sand and fine stones in the riffle but the gravels underneath were very good, mainly 10 to 30mm stone and a least 150mm deep.

ivel jetting 2012This work follows on from the project investigating Barbel tracking and spawning success on the upper Ouse.

Some excellent material has come to light on the UOFCA & EA sponsored Barbel Phd project.

15,000 small barbel from Calverton fish farm have been introduced into the Ouse above St Ives over 3 years – 70% of them in the past 12 months, whilst a continued program of spawning improvement work between clubs and the EA continues. Work also continues on the creation of refuge areas and restoration of backwaters.

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