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Sunday, 22 October 2017 10:09

NWWCA Forum 21-Oct-2017

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Minutes and presentations from NWW consultative forum 21st Oct 2017 at Nene House Kettering.


10.00   Welcome/Introductions                                                                    David

10.05    Minutes/Actions from meeting held on 8th April 2017            David

10.10   Election of Officers  and constitution review                               David

10.25 Regional and National Angling Trust update                                 Kelvin

10.35 Nenescape update                                                                              Kelvin

10.50   Enforcement Report                                                                            David

11.00   Coffee Break

11.15   Discussion – Objectives for the Consultative                                 All   

11.45   Catchment Updates                                                                            Simon/Hugh                                                                    

12.10   Stillwater reports                                                                                 John/Seumas  

12.20   Club updates / issues                                                                            All

12.30   Forward Look                                                                                          All 

12.35   AOB                                                                                                           All

12.40   Close






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