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LOFFCA Minutes 1st Oct 2018

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Miinutes and presentations from the consultative 1st Oct 2018


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NWWCA Forum 27th Oct 2018

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Notes and Actions from the NWW consultative forum from the 27th Oct 2018 at Nene House Kettering.


Nene Welland and Witham Angling Consultative

 10.00 27th October at Nene House Kettering

10.00 Welcome/Introductions David

10.05 Minutes/Actions from meeting held on 9th June. David

10.15. Regional and National Angling Trust update. David. 

10.30. Nenescape update. David

10.45. Cormorant issues. All

11.00. Coffee

11.15. EA Catchment update and Enforcement report. Darren

11:45. Stillwater reports John/Seumas 

12.00. Club updates / issues All 

12.20. Forward Look All   

12.25. AOB All

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WWG meeting 9th Oct 2018

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Minutes from the meeting which took place at Great Witchingham Village Hall on the 9th Oct 2018

The minutes are available download below.


Matters Arising

Action: Kelvin agreed to discuss with Phil Humm a role on exploring funding for the Wensum.

Action: Kelvin to write to the EA (Jez) to get Dennis a position on the Norfolk Crayfish Group.

Action: Kelvin to write to Richard Cooper for his support and input.

Action: Jez Wood to investigate timing and location advice from the EA.

Action: Kelvin to provide current EA sampling location waypoints.

Norwich City Corridor Strategy

Lenwade RDF Planning Application and Objection

EA Update

Roach Project

Way forward on Sonde Deployment


Cormorant Predation

John Bailey


Future Meeting Dates to be held Great Witchingham Village Hall.

8th Jan 2019

9th Apr 2019

9th Jul 2019










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WWG meeting 23rd July 2018

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Minutes from the meeting which took place at Taverham Mills Fishery 23rd July 2018

The minutes are available download below.


BASG has agreed to hold all of its sub group committee meetings before the end of July.

I have set up a doodle poll for the first Wensum Working Group under the governance of BASG here.

These initial meetings have a common set of agenda items on governance, plus some focus on developing Wensum projects.

BASG Standard Sub Committee Agenda July 2018

Standing Committees

Sustain Group

  • Access Group

  • Environmental Group

  • Education Group

  • Wensum Group

  • Bure Group

  • Yare Group

  • Waveney Group



All committees have the right to explore anything, indeed we need to encourage thoughts and ideas. However all items which require cash spend, will require formal approval from the management board and appropriate funding source agreed.

Wensum Working Group

BASG Director                   Kelvin Allen

BASG Members                Tim Ellis, Colin Howlett & Nick Cheeseman

Appointment of Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary

All meetings need to be recorded and documented actions agreed with timescales and owners.

Volunteer roles

We have started to capture and assign roles and duties across our volunteers, Allan Kirby will take on the role as Volunteer/Membership Manager. We would like each Sub Committee to lead on the appointment of people into specific roles within their committee boundaries.

So we will have leads for example on Health and Safety, Boat Safety, Climate Change, Tagging, Salinity Monitoring, Slipways etc etc.

Agency position of supporting Avon style Roach Project               

Deployment of two Sondes to record various elements                

Silt Trap potential                                                                                      

Norwich City Corridor Angling Strategy                                                 

Lenwade RDF Application Update                                                          

Wensum Flow and linkage to Yare Salinity                                           


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Upper Ouse Polution Incident

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Please see the following press release from the Agency following the nasty polution incident on the upper Ouse near Brackley.

From: Area Manager Correspondence, East Anglia []
Sent: 05 July 2018 10:01
Cc: Jerrom, Kye <>
Subject: River Great Ouse Pollution Incident

Dear all, 

We wanted to provide an update on our response to the pollution incident on the River Great Ouse between Brackley and Milton Keynes.

What we are doing

10 Environment and Fisheries Officers have been out everyday recording evidence and collecting water samples to understand the environmental impact since Friday 29 June. Our incident room opened on Friday to oversee this activity which will continue for the foreseeable future.

Fisheries Officers were looking for evidence of fish mortality, impact on fish stocks and other evidence of environmental impact this will inform any appropriate mitigation and enforcement action.

Current situation

Our current observations suggest that the impact on the environment has reduced and is having less impact further downstream.  We believe that the pollutant has passed through Stony Stratford and into Milton Keynes with no immediate adverse impacts on aquatic life passed Thornton, Buckinghamshire.

It would appear that the pollutant has had a significant impact on aquatic life but we currently don’t believe there is a risk to humans or other animals (pets and livestock), however as a precaution we recommend that people stay out of the River Ouse and keep pets and livestock away from the river between Brackley and Milton Keynes until we have completed our investigation.  We would also advise anglers not to fish in sections of the river if there appears to be pollution eg dead fish or turbid water.

Next steps

Please continue to report anything unusual on the river downstream of Thornton where we have last recorded impacts.  If you become aware of odours, foaming or dead fish please call our Incident Hotline on 0800 80 70 60 – providing location details.

It is too early to tell exactly what damage has been caused but we know many fish have died and there has been an impact on invertebrates as well. We appreciate that people would like us to be able to give concrete time scales regarding the recovery of the river, but in reality it is simply not possible to say exactly how and when the river will recover. A river is a complex ecosystem made up of numerous species of plants, invertebrates and larger species. Different species recover at different rates. Some are likely to return relatively quickly whilst it may take years for other species to be back to recent levels.

We will continue to work after the incident to consider how we might support the river to recover from this pollution event and will be keen to work with anglers, landowners and other interested parties at that time.

Contact us

If you have any questions please can you direct them to our National Customer Contact Centre via or 03708 506 506 which will ensure your questions are tracked and responded to in a timely manner.

Follow us on Twitter @OusefishEA to stay up to date with Fisheries activity

Finally, we are happy for you to share the information included in this update with others. 

Yours sincerely,


Dr Charles Beardall 

East Anglia Area Manager

Wednesday, 04 July 2018 09:50

LOFFCA Minutes 2nd July 2018

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Miinutes and presentations from the consultative 2nd July 2018

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NWWCA Forum 9th June 2018

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Here are the minutes and reports from the NWW consultative forum which took place on the 9th June 2018 at Nene House Kettering.





Wednesday, 30 May 2018 00:00

Broads Angling Strategy 2018

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An updated Angling Strategy has been published by BASG and launched at their event held in Norwich on the 20th May 2018.

To download the document click on the image below.

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LOFFCA Minutes 9th April 2018

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Miinutes and presentations from the consultative 9th April 2018 

Wednesday, 25 April 2018 11:01

WWG meeting 10th April 2018

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Minutes from the meeting which took place at Taverham Mills Fishery 10th April 2018

The minutes are available download below.



Your Fishery Outcomes and Final Report                               Ursula / Tom

Your Fishery Finances                                                                Rory / Ursula

Lessons learnt                                                                             Kelvin

Governance proposal for the way forward                            Kelvin

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)                         Kelvin

Statutory Position Update from EA                                        Jez

Abstraction and Flow update                                                  Rory / Kelvin

Lenwade RDF Update (If time allows)                                   Kelvin

Tackling the Cormorant Issue (If time allows)                     All


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