Wednesday, 10 April 2019 15:22

WWG meeting 9th April 2019

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Minutes from the meeting which took place at Great Witchingham Village Hall on the 9th April 2019

The minutes are available download below.





Wednesday, 10 April 2019 13:42

Fisheries Resilience Scheme 2019

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Open letter to the Nene Welland and Witham consultative on grants to fisheries this spring.

We are writing to Angling Clubs and fisheries across the Environment Agency Lincs and Northants Area to offer the oppertunity to bid into a Rfieries Resilience Scheme.

This fund is designed for purchase of equipment to ensure that your club can be proactive in its management during times of environmental stress such as too much or too little rain. By having equipment directly at your disposal this will enable you to keep a close eye on the water quality, manage your fishery in a sustainable manner and respond promptly when required.

Further details about this scheme are:

The maximum bid available is £1000.  

  • The monies must be spent on aeration equipment (pumps, aerators, dissolved oxygen meters)
  • Any unspent monies must be returned to the Environment Agency
  • The equipment’s sole use is to assist with the enhancement and resilience of your clubs’ fisheries.
  • The scheme is only available for this year and bids need to be received by Monday 6th May 2019.
  • Receipts for the equipment purchased must be available for review by the Environment Agency up until two years after purchase.
  • We reserve the right to visit your site to ensure that the equipment is being used as intended.

 If you are interested in bidding into this scheme, please send a completed application form to Liz Sroga, Environment Agency, Ceres House, Searby Road, Lincoln, LN2 4DW or .  The form is available here.

Kind regards

Manfai Tang

Environment Manager

Lincs and Northamptonshire area








Monday, 08 April 2019 09:11

NWWCA Forum 6th April 2019

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Notes and Actions from the NWW consultative forum from the 6th April 2019 at Nene House Kettering.




Sunday, 24 March 2019 16:34

Calls fors a consolidated approach on the Wensum

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Kelvin Allen Chair of the Wensum Working Group has met with key stakeholders and presented a case of a consolidated approach in dealing with defused pollution and restoration from the current state of affairs.

The presentation led from an investigation of issues impacting on roach within the Wensum, but as members Tim Ellis and Cass Singleton soon found. The surrounding catchment is having a real impact on the river, much of which was heavily reported and investigated back in 2009/10, but even with 1000's of pages of documented evidence little or no progress has been made on these core issues. Indeed some are now saying that with reduced highways maintenance, reduction in agriculture subsidies and many farmers converting to maize production, things have actually got worse.

With invertebrates reported by both S&TA and Buglife as at an all time low on the Wensum and seemingly poor levels of fish, any restoration works exposing clean gravels and back channels creating improved habitat, soon gets choked with silt and pollution and its back to square one, without fixing the core source of the issue.   

There has been some positive feedback following the presentation and a number of groups now want to discuss a more consolidated approach, building on the Catchment Based Approach that has brought success to many river valleys across England.

Time will only tell, if this is the start of a journey of improvement.

The presentaion is available in the downloadable attachment below.



Saturday, 23 February 2019 12:10

Previous Wensum Fishery Study Papers 2007-2013

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See the attached previous histroic papers on the river Wensum fishery commissioned by the EA



Thursday, 21 February 2019 14:48

Wensum Rural Sediment Tracing Report 2010

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The Environment Agency enlisted APEM to undertake a detailed study of sediment tracing acorss the Wensum in 2010.

To read the full technical research paper click here.

How this gets resolved is another issue!


Monday, 28 January 2019 13:41

LOFFCA Minutes 7th Jan 2019

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Miinutes and presentations from the consultative 7th Jan 2019

Sunday, 20 January 2019 11:25

NWWCA Forum 19th Jan 2019

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Notes and Actions from the NWW consultative forum from the 27th Oct 2018 at Nene House Kettering.


Nene Welland and Witham Angling Consultative














Minutes/Actions from meeting held on 26th October

Regional and National Angling Trust update

Nenescape update

Cormorant issues


Angling Overview. The Canal & Rivers Trust

EA Catchment update and Enforcement report

Stillwater update

Club updates / issues

Forward Look






Jake Davoile

John Ellis


John and Seumas





Thursday, 10 January 2019 12:30

WWG meeting 8th Jan 2019

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Minutes from the meeting which took place at Great Witchingham Village Hall on the 8th Jan 2019

he minutes are available download below.


Matters Arising

Action Jez Wood to distribute the existing EA report on point source siltation.

Action Colin to liaise with Cass on a suitable site visit.

Action Kelvin to write to NRT and inform them of the position with Sonde deployments.

BASG Update                                                    Kelvin

Donations                                                           Kelvin

EA Update                                                          Jez

Roach Project                                                    Tim

Siltation and Lyng Silt Trap                            Colin

Cormorant Predation                                     Roger/Kelvin

Sayers Meadow proposals                           All

Balsham Bash                                                    Kelvin

Norwich Western Link consultation         Kelvin

Norwich City Corridor Strategy                   Kelvin












Friday, 16 November 2018 13:33

LOFFCA Minutes 1st Oct 2018

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Miinutes and presentations from the consultative 1st Oct 2018


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