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LOFFCA Constitution

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1. Title The name of the Association shall be the Lower Ouse & Fenland Fisheries Consultative Association, hereinafter called “the Association”.

2. Objects The Objects of the Association shall be:

a. To co-ordinate and forward the views of members in the interests of angling and fisheries in the Lower Ouse (downstream of Huntingdon) its tributaries and the Fenland area.

b. To co-operate with any authority or other organisation provided such co-operation is in the interest of angling and fisheries.

c. To collect and disseminate information on matters relevant to angling and fishery interests.

d. To ensure representation of angling and fishery interests for the area covered by the Association and make recommendations to Government and others on the appointment of persons to represent those interests on Fishery Advisory and other appropriate committees.

3 Membership Membership of the Association shall be open to: -

a. Riparian owners, lessees and tenants of fisheries in the area covered by the Association.

b. Angling clubs and associations based in or with fisheries in the said area.

c. Such other organisations or individuals who may be actively interested in the development or preservation of angling or fisheries or the prevention of pollution and who may be elected to membership of the Association.

4 Officers The Officers of the Association shall be: -

a. Secretary, Treasurer, and Auditors. The Association may also elect a President and Chairman if the members so decide.

b. Such delegates as may be deemed necessary to represent the Association at environmental liaison and other such meetings.

c. The Chairman, if applicable, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected every three years on a rotating basis.

All other officers shall be elected annually. All officers shall be eligible for re-election.

5 Meetings

a. The Association shall meet quarterly on a Monday commencing at 7.45pm at an agreed venue. Meeting dates will be co-ordinated to complement the Angling Trust Eastern Region Freshwater Forum dates. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall precede the spring meeting.

b. Except in the case of the AGM, a quarterly meeting may be cancelled if the Officers consider there is insufficient business to be discussed and in which case all members will be notified of such cancellation.

c. Twenty eight (28) days notice of the AGM shall be given in writing to each member and fourteen days (14) notice of other general meetings.

d. An Extra-ordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the Association may be called at the request of the Officers or at least one third of the membership of the Association. Twenty eight (28) days notice shall be given to each member in writing and shall specify date, time and venue together with the reason for calling the meeting.

e. Representation from at least one third of the membership of the Association shall constitute a quorum.

f. Member clubs shall be entitled to a maximum of two votes.

g. All other classes of membership shall be entitled to one vote.

6. Finance

a. The Association shall raise such funds as are considered necessary for the furtherance of its aims and objects, such funds to be used solely and exclusively for that purpose.

b. The amount of subscription to be paid by each member shall be determined at the AGM and shall be paid to the Honorary Treasurer within three months following that meeting.

c. The financial year shall end on 31st December.

d. The funds of the Association shall be kept in a bank account with a minimum of two signatories in the name of the Association and the Treasurer shall present to the AGM a duly audited Balance sheet and Statement of Accounts.

e. The Association may authorise the Treasurer to reimburse reasonable expenses to any persons deputed to act on behalf of the Association.

7. Committees

The Association may appoint such committees as may be necessary for the furtherance of its objects and such committees may co-opt persons with specialised knowledge if considered appropriate.

8. Alteration of Rules

a. Alteration of these rules may only be made at the AGM or at an EGM of the Association.

b. Notices of motion for alteration to rules must be received by the Honorary Secretary in time for all members to be notified twenty eight days in advance in accordance with Rules 5(b) and 5(c).

c. No resolution to amend these rules shall be deemed to be carried unless it is supported by at least two thirds of the membership present and voting at the meeting at which it is considered.

9. Dissolution Should the Association be dissolved for any reason any balance of funds to the credit of the Association shall be passed to a similar organisation with similar aims as decided by the committee during dissolution. These monies shall be used for the benefit of fisheries in the Lower Ouse, its tributaries and the Fenland area.

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