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WCP Pollution Group meeting 5th Feb 2020

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Notes from the Wensum Partnership Pollution Group Meeting 5th Feb 2020



Helen Mandley WLMA

Ed Bramham-Jones NRT

Kelvin Allen BASG/WWG 

Cass Singleton BASG/WWG

Zak Battams NRT

Joss More NE

Lizzie Emmett UWFCG

A Pollution Working Group meeting of the River Wensum Sub-catchment Partnership was held at Pensthorpe Natural Park on 5 February 2020. The meeting considered objectives and outcomes from the 13th December 2019 Meeting at Bawdeswell Village Hall further as there had not been sufficient time at that meeting.

The Following aspects were identified for further action:

  • Pollution Monitoring. There was a need for gap analysis of current pollution monitoring activities to understand what in formation was gathered by whom better to inform future actions.
  • Information sharing. There was a need to establish a sub-catchment partnership information sharing process to cover:
  • Monitoring
  • Information Gathering.
  • Performance analysis.
  • Reporting mechanisms.
  • Testing and sampling methodologies.
  • Communication, publicity and awareness.
  • To demonstrate this, members of the Wensum Working Group have been out reviewing the red flagged locations from the previous 2010 APEM point source survey, during the recent wet spell. They have complied a report on some 24 locations with graphic images showing clear silt ingress. A map showing these and the full report is available on the following links.

On online map         Jan 2020 Survey Full Report

  • Wider Farming Community Engagement. The meeting considered that the engagement with the Upper Wensum Farming Cluster was a good illustrator of the benefits to the sub-catchment of such an arrangement. It was felt that in time there was a need to aspire for engagement with the whole farming community along the River Wensum and tributaries. This would be reflected in our future aims and objectives.
  • To achieve in this aim, River Wensum Farming Advisors would need to provide their views on what the Sub-catchment Partnership Project Officer’s role would be.
  • The potential to link into current and future agriculture payment schemes was seen as key into moving poorly performing land out of production and creating environmental benefit. Subsequent discussions on a potential test and trails of the new ELMS scheme are being explored by Andrew Alston.
  • Water Intervention Strategy. The impact of farming practices and processes that could generate sediment risk was discussed. It was felt that the in light of the many risk activities and the high variability of their occurrence made it difficult to plan specific mitigation. It was felt that providing an aide memoire for high risk water intervention mitigation strategies for the use across the whole sub-catchment would be of great value.
  • Urban Pollution. Urban pollution was discussed at length. The meeting identified that there was a need to mobilize a citizen science initiative to create engagement with this problem across all local communities. Such an initiative would address the following:
  • Risk identification.
  • Community information and awareness.
  • Hazard and warning reporting.
  • Monitoring processes.
  • Introduction of River Warden scheme.
  • Governance
  • Case study to inform community engagement strategy.

An updated Wensum Catchment Partnership Activity Plan Draft Version 4 is attached on the following



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