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Sunday, 29 March 2020 09:56

NWWCA Forum March 2020

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The planned meeting for 28th March was cancelled due to the CV-19 restrictions

Hugh Bunker has sent through a briefing note from the Agency on thier activities during this last quarter, which is availble to download below.

We have also started to look at supporting the Fanland Pike Initative in addressing some of the long term issues impacting the Lincolshire Fens.

In these difficult times, I trust everyone can keep safe and well.

Latest update on the Nene from Viktor.

Quick update from myself on all things Nene Valley;

Resilient River Project:

  • Nassington (Wellington Fishery run by PDAA) is still on hold due to weather obstructing access. The fencing contractors are currently not operating due to the situation so as soon as they are, coupled with the lack of rainfall and dropping river levels, this will get completed ASAP. It is likely the tree works will be put on hold until September to avoid bird nesting season. Tree planting to occur in November.
  • Electric Cut, Peterborough is currently with Peterborough City Council to get permissions for the scheme and for drone monitoring which will look at the extent of re-sedimentation & vegetation in future years. Aiming for September/October on this one.
  • Wellingborough Embankment floating islands had a bit of a setback with the identified additional funding from Wellingborough Council not being secured. They have been able to provide a small amount however but it still leaves a shortfall for the most basic design so Whitworths have been asked to top up the pot and I am awaiting a response.
  • Lilford Backchannel permit has been submitted and I am now working on the landowner consent documents with the view that EA FCRM budget will be made available to deliver the project in the 20/21 financial year.

Wellingborough Waterside Group:

  • Public consultation of the potential improvement works in and around Wellingborough Embankment was live in Jan & Feb, with 3 days of consultation in the Swansgate Centre, Wellingborough. We had a majority good feedback on this. I know WDNAC were concerned they had not been consulted before this went live, however I spoke to numerous members of the committee, including Howard, about why this was. In essence the group was only pulling in the right stakeholders at the right time and as fishing rights were not to be affected by any of the proposals WDNAC were not consulted with beforehand. This is because the improvements are only ideas and a version 2 design with public informed ideas will be produced as an outcome of the consultation. Then work will start to put the improvements in to action. I was also representing WDNAC and other fisheries here whilst on the group so they were not forgotten about, as is always the case normally! Rest assured I always have done and will continue to represent angling at all meetings or during consultations to the best I can.

Nene Valley Catchment Partnership:


I think that is all,

Take care everyone and hopefully we will be back out fishing soon!!





Kelvin and David






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