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Tuesday, 05 December 2017 13:51

River Wensum - the battle continues

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The group continues with its objection to the planned recycling plant in Lenwade, which the applicate has now applied for a 2nd time.

We have not only got a letter of objection from Mark Lloyd this time round, but are lobbying hard with Natural England on why they have no objections to this plant adjacent to a SSSI and SAC which Natural England are paid to protect.

See http://eplanning.norfolk.gov.uk/PlanAppDisp.aspx?AppNo=C%2f5%2f2017%2f5007 Both Mark's letter and my own from WWG are available to view from this link.

If any body wants to offer their support to this objection, please email your comments to mawp@norfolk.gov.uk





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